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Whole-body vibration can attenuate the deterioration of bone mass and trabecular bone microstructure in rats with spinal cord injury.

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Strategies for Rapid Muscle Fatigue Reduction during FES Exercise in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury: A Systematic Review.

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Surface electromyography as a measure of trunk muscle activity in patients with spinal cord injury: a meta-analytic review.

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The influence of low-level laser irradiation on spinal cord injuries following ischemia- reperfusion in rats.

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Acute effects of simultaneous electromyostimulation and vibration on leg blood flow in spinal cord injury.

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Does early exercise attenuate muscle atrophy or bone loss after spinal cord injury?

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A systematic review of experimental strategies aimed at improving motor function after acute and chronic spinal cord injury

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Energetic and cardiovascular responses to treadmill walking and stationary cycling in subjects with incomplete spinal cord injury

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Effectiveness of bisphosphonate analogues and functional electrical stimulation on attenuating post-injury osteoporosis in spinal cord injury patients- a systematic review and meta-analysis.

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Walking in water and on land after an incomplete spinal cord injury

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