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Effect of interferential current therapy on pain perception and disability level in subjects with chronic low back pain: a randomized controlled trial.

Albornoz-Cabello M, Maya-Martín J, Domínguez-Maldonado G, Espejo-Antúnez L, Heredia-Rizo AM. Clin Rehabil. 2017 Feb; 31(2):242-249 PMID: 26975312

The immediate effects of lidocaine iontophoresis using interferential current on pressure sense threshold and tactile sensation.

Yoosefinejad AK, Motealleh A, Abbasnia K J Pharm Sci. 2016 Mar;105(3):1201-8. doi: 10.1016/j.xphs.2015.12.011. Epub 2016 Jan 23 PMID: 26893248

Effects of Therapeutic Physical Agents on Achilles Tendon Microcirculation

Chang YP, Chiang H, Shih KS, Ma HL, Lin LC, Hsu WL, Huang YC, Wang HK J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2015 Jun 3 PMID: 26039223 

Comparison of the analgesic effect of interferential current (IFC) and TENS in patients with low back pain

Grabiańska E, Leśniewicz J, Pieszyński I, Kostka J Wiad Lek. 2015 PMID: 26094328 

Short-term effects of interferential current electro-massage in adults with chronic non-specific low back pain: a randomized controlled trial

Lara-Palomo IC, Aguilar-Ferrándiz ME, Matarán-Peñarrocha GA, Saavedra-Hernández M, Granero-Molina J, Fernández-Sola C, Castro-Sánchez AM. Clin Rehabil. 2012 Oct 3 PMID: 23035006

[Evaluation of low level laser and interferential current in the therapy of complex regional pain syndrome by infrared thermographic camera].

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Interferential current versus biofeedback results in urinary stress incontinence.

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Effectiveness of electroacupuncture and interferential eloctrotherapy in the management of frozen shoulder.

Cheing GL, So EM, Chao CY. J Rehabil Med. 2008 Mar;40(3):166-70. PMID: 18292916

Evidence-informed management of chronic low back pain with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, interferential current, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, and thermotherapy.

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Immediate effects of various physical therapeutic modalities on cervical myofascial pain and trigger-point sensitivity.

Hou CR, Tsai LC, Cheng KF, Chung KC, Hong CZ. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2002 Oct;83(10):1406-14. PMID: 12370877

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