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Strategies to promote peripheral nerve regeneration: electrical stimulation and/or exercise.

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Advanced Technologies to Improve Wound Healing: Electrical Stimulation, Vibration Therapy, and Ultrasound-What Is the Evidence?

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Functional electrical stimulation versus ankle foot orthoses for foot-drop: A meta-analysis of orthotic effects

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Welcome to the Cyborg Olympics.

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The efficacy of electrical stimulation in lower extremity cutaneous wound healing: A systematic review

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Systematic review of adjunct therapies to improve outcomes following botulinum toxin injection for treatment of limb spasticity

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Effects of isometric exercise using biofeedback on maximum voluntary isometric contraction, pain, and muscle thickness in patients with knee osteoarthritis

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Functional Electrical Stimulation: Cardiorespiratory Adaptations and Applications for Training in Paraplegia

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Online Tremor Suppression Using Electromyography and Low Level Electrical Stimulation.

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