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Does Downhill Walking on Treadmill Improve Physical Status and Quality of Life of A Patient With COPD?

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Extracorporeal shock wave therapy versus corticosteroid injection in the treatment of trigger finger: a randomized controlled study.

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Balneological outpatient treatment for patients with knee osteoarthritis; an effective non-drug therapy option in daily routine?

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Effect of virgin olive oil versus piroxicam phonophoresis on exercise-induced anterior knee pain

Nakhostin-Roohi B, Khoshkhahesh F, Bohlooli S Free Article PMID: 27761423

The Effect of Therapeutic Ultrasound on Pain and Physical Function in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

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Rehabilitation of hamstring muscle injuries: a literature review.

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The Effect of Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation on Clinical Status of Ankylosing Spondylitis Patients.

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Functional electrical stimulation (FES): The science is strong, the clinical practice not yet – A review of evidence.

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Functional electrical stimulation versus ankle foot orthoses for foot-drop: A meta-analysis of orthotic effects

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Welcome to the Cyborg Olympics.

Reardon S. Free Article PMID: 27488784

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